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Board of Directors

Gregory Cardenalli


Prior to getting involved in the trucking industry in 2012, Gregory Cardenalli was Production Manager for 29 years at Fleetwood Homes located in Nampa, ID.  Mr. Cardenalli has been involved in many different areas within the transportation industry. When Mr. Cardenalli heard about The Ultimate Program, he was eager to join The Ultimate Team. We are proud to have him as our President for Ultimate Holdings Corporation and on our Board of Directors.

William R. Rieser

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of The Board

Mr. Rieser co-founded Ultimate Holdings Corporation with his wife, Kathryn.  In addition to his leadership responsibilities as CEO, Mr. Rieser’s fifty+ years of expertise in finance, sales, and marketing has established Ultimate Holdings Corporation as a unique entity offering a one-of-a-kind program to freight haulers across the country. He strives to treat every single driver as he would like to be treated:  With dignity and respect.  Mr. Rieser served in both the Navy and U.S. Marine Corp.

Kathryn J. Volin

Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Secretary/Treasurer

As Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer, and Corporate Secretary/Treasurer of Ultimate Holdings Corporation, Ms. Volin brings significant experience and a wealth of knowledge to the company.  At the age of 36, she was the youngest woman in the U.S. who owned and managed a full-line General Motors Dealership. After selling the dealership, Ms. Volin founded and owned a successful seminar training communication company, which she sold to a national company. During her 20+ years as a communication/training specialist, she worked with, and privately coached, thousands of executives from Target, 3M, Apple, Pillsbury, Medtronic, Chrysler, Ford, Nestle, Wal-Mart, American Express, Anheuser-Busch, and Payless Shoe Source. For the past four years, she and her husband, William R. Rieser, have devoted themselves to developing the most effective way to enable truck drivers to be treated fairly, while making money, and realizing their dreams. The Ultimate Program is like no other opportunity offered by anyone in the transportation industry. Along with providing necessary information to the corporation's attorneys and certified public accountants, Ms. Volin will be involved with branding, advertising, social media, and marketing campaigns. Ms. Volin holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and is a member of our Board of Directors.  She is the author of "Buff And Polish; A Practical Guide To Enhance Your Professional Image And Communication Style."