Ultimate Holdings Corporation is not  just a company, but a system, which has been tried and proven.  We are the Carrier's road to financial success.

Corporate Profile

Ultimate Holdings Corporation is headquartered in Boise, ID and engages in freight hauling of refrigerated and frozen food products, which helps the company be recession proof.  Freight is hauled throughout the USA.  81% of everything that is used, or consumed, in the USA is hauled by an over-the-road truck driver.  The balance of the product is moved by rail, air, ship, and pipeline.

Ultimate's business model involves engaging carefully selected experienced truck drivers.  Ultimate assists the driver, who becomes a carrier, in complying with the ever-increasing regulatory burdens associated with freight transportation.

The trucking industry is suffering from a serious shortage of qualified truck drivers. Because of our unique, one-of-a-kind program, Ultimate will attract seasoned, experienced truck drivers who are looking for their final financial road to success.  Ultimate will help them turn their dream into reality.

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