NEXT10, INC. Record-Breaking Year End 2020

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ultimate Holdings Corporation, (Next10, Inc., dba Ultimate Holdings Corporation), (USOTC PINK: NXTN), (“UHC”), is excited to announce that since acquiring Ultimate Logistics, LLC and Ultimate Innovations, LLC on August 1, 2020, the five months exceeded Ten Million Dollars in gross revenue.

UHC had five new semi-tractors and five new 53′ refrigerated trailers delivered during November and December.  This is due to Ultimate Logistics, LLC’s perfect credit rating, which has been established during the past 7 ½ years.  There are an additional twenty new semi-tractors and twenty new 53′ refrigerated trailers on order for 2021.

William Rieser, CEO states: “Truck drivers who hold a Class A CDL make up 1% of the U.S. population. There are approximately 350,000 truck drivers who deliver over 85% of the commodities used and consumed in the U.S. every day. The over-the-road truck drivers are away from their families for long periods of time, making huge sacrifices to be able to provide for their loved ones. They are regulated by the government regarding how many hours can be driven each day, how much time he/she needs to sleep, how much time can be used for fueling, and how much time can be allocated for personal time each day. They are randomly drug tested and must have an annual physical. Over-the-road semi-tractors pay more road and fuel tax than the 250 million registered passenger vehicles in the U.S. When you are driving down the road, please remember to treat that big rig and the driver with the dignity and the respect they deserve. Please remind yourself that driver is providing you and your family with the food, beverages, and miscellaneous commodities you use each and every day. UHC believes their independent owner operators are part of The Ultimate Family and we treat them as family.” 

UHC is not challenged by finding and hiring new drivers to join their awesome team. Every driver who contacts UHC is a referral from a current driver, or from a business associate who knows about UHC’s unique program. UHC currently has a waiting list of drivers who want to join their fantastic one-of-a-kind program.  The 2020 third quarter national average turnover rate for large trucking carriers was 96%. UHC’s turnover rate is less than 15%.

The grass is as green as it gets in the trucking industry at UHC.  

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